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Rinchen and his staff made this the most unusual, beautiful, meaningful experience…

From meeting us at the airport on our arrival, to the moment of our departure, we have never been so well treated. It was no problem for Rinchen Dorji to add last minute requests to our itinerary once we got to Bhutan, such as white water rafting, a culture show, and a hot stone bath. I once joked we wanted archery lessons with a local champion, and he was on the phone to arrange it before we could stop him. Anything you need, If Rinchen can’t get it for you, he knows someone who can. He’s been in the business for years, and is well respected by the community. We had trouble with the local bank machines due to our magnetic stripe and he was able to get help from bank managers and shopkeepers for us, which a lot of guides probably wouldn’t be able to problem solve. He arranged everything, including having my torn hiking pants patched up by a local tailor (and he didn’t ask for payment!). Rinchen took us hiking up to the Tiger’s Nest, and other monasteries, and always went at our pace. He genuinely cares about the environment (he picked up a ton of plastic bottles and garbage strewn by other hikers along the trails). He arranged for my partner and I to get dressed in Bhutanese clothing and then we all went to a fancy hotel to watch a culture show and joined in the dancing. He is very thoughtful and is an excellent example of true Bhutanese hospitality. Blue Pearl gets top marks for everything!


Traveler’s Happiness Index

I have been traveling to Bhutan many times over the past few years and always wanted to go back. But after relying on Bhutan Blue Pearl Travel my desire to go back is even greater. The overall organization of my visit was impeccable. Rinchen Dorji – the owner of the travel agency – is not only a great guide/organizer but also a wonderful person. Although my overall experience with a different travel agency in the past was very good, traveling with Bhutan Blue Pearl was truly memorable. The staff members I had during my last trek were all very professional, friendly and extremely kind: they exceeded my expectations – which tend to be quite high. I strongly recommend traveling with Bhutan Blue Pearl to anybody who wants to have a unforgettable experience in this amazing country. Rinchen Dorji is the right person to make it happen.

New York

Our trip was very well organised. The highlight of our trip was our guide Rinchen – who would always go an extra mile to ensure that we were comfortable and having a good time! I can comfortably say that we have come back with a friend for life!

Beautiful and memorable

Went to Bhutan with my mum n friends, and I must say, the trip was extremely memorable. Peaceful and tranquil, and happiness can really be felt within. It’s gradual, not immediately feeling happy when you are on land of Bhutan.

Our guide, Rinchen was also extremely attentive and knowledgeable. Accommodating to all our last min request and making it very customised. I never like yours but this is really exceptional. Will definitely want to go back again.


I visited Bhutan with a friend and Blue Pearl Travel was fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for them. We wanted to change our itineraries when we got to Bhutan and they were very accommodating with our requests. Additionally, we wanted to try out local cuisines instead of the usual tour restaurants and they were happy to change the restaurants for us.

Overall, Bhutan is a absolutely beautiful and breathtaking country with friendly kind people. Blue Pearl travel was excellent and very knowledgeable. I would use them again.

Sydney, Australia

Not only Bhutan is an amazing country, but also the experience with my local Blue Pearl Travel has exceeded my expectation. We were a small group of three people. After telling my interests and concerns, I have let them plan the itinerary. And they have not disappointed us!! The accommodations chosen are clean, comfortable and at reasonable prices. We have made some changes on the way but they have been very accommodating and didn’t make us to pay more than we should.

My luggage was missing on the flight by Cathay Pacific (CX) from Hong Kong to Bangkok. While CX did nothing about it, it was Blue Pearl Travel helped me tracking down my baggage. You can feel that they really took the matter seriously, tried their best to help me, and also suggesting alternatives in our itinerary so we can still get most out of the trip despite some lost in time.

Bhutan is a Buddhist country, our guides did a very good job of introducing their culture and religious practices to us, according to our pace and acceptance. If you are interested in Buddhism, I believe they can be your good teachers. On the other hand, they can take you for some fun activities as well. We did water rafting which were quite exciting with a beautiful view of Punakha Dzong.

Thank you Blue Pearl Travel and Rinchen Dorji, it was an unforgettable trip for us. They are very good in English, easy to communicate all the way. And they are responsible and honest people, who you can trust completely to make the best choices for you when travelling in Bhutan.

Hong Kong, China

Wow! I heard about Bhutan from friends so I had to go. We ran a marathon (I did 1/2)and the beauty of the country and the people were once in a lifetime experience. I can see why Bhutan measures GHP. Rinchen was an amazing guide. He went above and beyond. Don’t wait. Just go. You will be in good hands with Rinchen.


If you like an individual

If you like an individual and well organized trip with an excellent, wonderful guide, then Bhutan Blue Pearl Travel is your best choise. We had a gorgeous and unforgettable time in Bhutan. Rinchen Dorji, the owner of Bhutan Blue Pearl Travel showed us so many special places, explained the backgrounds of his beautiful country and he never got tired of answering our questions. Guide and care of his guests is his passion.


Rinchen Dorje, the owner of

Rinchen Dorje, the owner of Bhutan Blue Pearl Travel, is the best guides we ever came to know in Bhutan. Since 1987 I came to Bhutan, regularly since 2003. For many years Rinchen was our guide, on private travels but also as the head of our team when we came with big groups (40 to 50) to Bhutan.

He has an amazing knowledge, speaks very good english, is very caring and has great skills in dealing with groups. In the course of the years he became our good friend, and we would anytime go around in Bhutan with him in the future. Just two weeks ago we came back from such a 11-day-tour with him