Not only Bhutan is an amazing country, but also the experience with my local Blue Pearl Travel has exceeded my expectation. We were a small group of three people. After telling my interests and concerns, I have let them plan the itinerary. And they have not disappointed us!! The accommodations chosen are clean, comfortable and at reasonable prices. We have made some changes on the way but they have been very accommodating and didn’t make us to pay more than we should.

My luggage was missing on the flight by Cathay Pacific (CX) from Hong Kong to Bangkok. While CX did nothing about it, it was Blue Pearl Travel helped me tracking down my baggage. You can feel that they really took the matter seriously, tried their best to help me, and also suggesting alternatives in our itinerary so we can still get most out of the trip despite some lost in time.

Bhutan is a Buddhist country, our guides did a very good job of introducing their culture and religious practices to us, according to our pace and acceptance. If you are interested in Buddhism, I believe they can be your good teachers. On the other hand, they can take you for some fun activities as well. We did water rafting which were quite exciting with a beautiful view of Punakha Dzong.

Thank you Blue Pearl Travel and Rinchen Dorji, it was an unforgettable trip for us. They are very good in English, easy to communicate all the way. And they are responsible and honest people, who you can trust completely to make the best choices for you when travelling in Bhutan.