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Hidden away high amongst the mighty Himalayan range, the hidden kingdom of Bhutan is a destination that even the most seasoned traveler considers a privilege to visit. Sacred monasteries sit precariously on sheer cliffs, fluttering prayer flags line high mountain ridges, red robed monks chant in distant temples, and colorful masked dancers perform ancient rituals on sacred Dzong (fortress) grounds during Buddhist festivals. The people of Bhutan have drawn a rich culture from this heritage and made it the essence of their timeless identity.

We are a year-round, professional tour company and we provide a comprehensive spectrum catering to all travel and tour segments incentives tours, adventure tours, nature tours and recreational outdoor activities. Our tours cover domestics tour within Bhutan as well as outbound tour to Tibet, Nepal and India. All our packages are well planned and coupled with some special interest itineraries that are tailored to suit the varied lifestyle of our clients and meet their requirements fully. We are supported by a crew of committed, dynamic and responsible team.Our conviction is to provide top quality tour products & services that eliminate hassles and worries to ensure your travel is smooth, truly enjoyable and becomes a memorable one throughout your life. We always serve you with ‘Passion’.

Inspired by GNH, Bhutan measures its societal progress by the collective happiness of its people, in addition the socio-economic development is one of the contributing factors. Other than GDP, Bhutan places equal emphasis on Cultural Preservation, Environmental Conservation and Good Governance. Pursuit of happiness is a prerogative of every Bhutanese.

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